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Pastor' Thoughts

It is hard for me to believe January has passed. As I thought of a
Scripture for the newsletter, I thought of the grace God has given me
throughout my life. What a wonderful way to think of the month of
February, known as Valentine’s Day by most. However, there are other
celebrations during February.

In February we find out if we have six more weeks of winter on
Groundhog day. Presidents Day celebrating all presidents. Most
importantly is Ash Wednesday for remembering dust we are and to dust
we shall return. But that is not the end.

Because of the grace we have been given by God in sending his
son, one day we are going to live in eternity with Him. Jesus died and
rose again so the grace of God could help us to live a holy life and
glorify him while we live on this earth. We are to give that grace to
others at all times. The society we live in can make that hard, but when
we live for Jesus filled with the Holy Spirit we can.
As you go through this month of February reflect on how much
grace you were given and give that same grace to everyone.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Pastor Stephanie and Jack


Highland Park United Methodist Church
Dothan, Alabama

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