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Pastor' Thoughts - June

June is the month we celebrate Father’s Day. Did you know
That there are many other holidays and observances for June?
There is something observed or celebrated every day of the
month! I got a chuckle as there is a National Corn on the Cob Day,
National German Chocolate Day, and a National Weed your Garden
Day. Some more serious ones are National Cancer’s Survivors Day,
Flag Day, and Helen Keller Day.

At first, I thought this was ridiculous and believe me there are
more than a hundred holidays and observances for June. So, there are
many other celebrations and observances, for every month. What does
this say about our world? To me, it says we are a society of needing
everything to celebrate except the Lord.

Our focus is not on what is important, but on what gives us pleasure.
This is not wrong in itself, but the closest any of these holidays
comes to recognizing God is Father’s Day. We need the Lord more in
our lives. We need to study Scripture more. We need to pray more.
We need to serve more. Most of all we need to remember we were
created to glorify God.

As you enjoy your summer, vacationing, visiting with family and
whatever you do for summer fun, remember God is the reason we can
do all these things for he gives us our very breath.

Blessings and love,
Pastor Stephanie and Jack


Highland Park United Methodist Church
Dothan, Alabama

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